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Across the spectrum of environmental law, we offer advice and representation with practical, results-oriented lawyering in the following practice areas...
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Mr. McGregor for decades has served on government advisory committees for Massachusetts agency programs during their original creation or substantial revision. We often are invited by agencies to review their ideas for new legislation, proposed regulations, and reform initiatives.

We track pending regulatory changes for clients and others, evaluate their legal aspects and practical implications, testify on pending bills and rule changes, issue reports and manuals on them, and speak at conferences, workshops and seminars. We have done this since the formative 1970s and 1980s, through the reform 1990s and 2000s, and now in modern reorganization of environmental and energy programs.

Our unique research materials include background papers, agency presentations, and proposed and final statutes and regulations. We make these and our own teaching materials, including Powerpoints, available to our clients.

By virtue of this extensive legal experience, we know or can look up the origins, policy and legal basis, intent, and history of revisions of many of the Commonwealth’s rules and policies from the earliest days of environmental law to the present. We offer a depth and breadth of insight into the legislation and regulatory policies protecting the public health, safety and environment and impacting the regulated community.

Mr. McGregor for about 20 years has had the honor of serving as the editor of the two-volume treatise, Massachusetts Environmental Law, published by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Inc. (MCLE). He also is a co-chair of MCLE's annual Environmental, Land Use, and Energy Law Conference, which surveys the new developments in Massachusetts and related federal law including leading court cases. He is a co-chair of MCLE's Real Estate and Environmental Law Curriculum Advisory Committee, the members of which assist that leading educational institution to keep Massachusetts attorneys up to date and well informed. Mr. McGregor received from MCLE in 2013 its Scholar-Mentor Award recognizing his dedication to legal scholarship and leadership.

These educational endeavors complement nicely the firm’s dedication to serving our clients to the fullest. We joke that we willingly educate our clients (if they wish) so that they effectively may understand and deal with environmental laws on their own.

Our thorough familiarity with Massachusetts legislation and regulations, where they came from and how they work, makes us comfortable advising clients on laws and policies.

Across the spectrum of environmental law we offer advice and representation
with practical, results-oriented lawyering.


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