About The Firm

McGregor Legere & Stevens, PC is a Boston law firm representing clients in environmental and real estate matters throughout New England and consulting for clients throughout the United States since 1975. The principal, Gregor I. McGregor, has been given the highest rating (AV) by the Martindale Hubbell legal directory.

The firm works on the entire range of environmental law, commercial and residential real estate, and related litigation, as well as environmental planning and strategy.

We can assist you with most anything having to do with:

  • Air and water pollution
  • Hazardous waste cleanups
  • Waste management
  • Wetlands and floodplains
  • Zoning permits and variances
  • Subdivisions and ANRs
  • Facility siting and operation
  • Land conservation and management
  • Public health and safety
  • Easements and rights of way
  • Master plans
  • Sewage treatment and septic systems
  • Wildlife and endangered species
  • Historic and archeological Resources
  • Growth management
  • Real estate transactions
  • Rewriting terms and regulations
  • Energy Projects
  • Regulatory "takings"
  • Coastal zone and river issues
  • Emergency management
  • Open space preservation
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Appeals and Lawsuits

Our clients are corporations, individuals, municipalities, government agencies, land-owners, non-profit organizations, and environmental businesses.

The Firm is a founding member of the National Environmental Law Network, an alliance of law firms with experienced environmental attorneys to help clients throughout the United States. Learn about ELN...

Across the spectrum of environmental law we offer advice and representation
with practical, results-oriented lawyering.


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