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You may send an email to one of our attorneys or our office manager by selecting from the list below and sending an email via a contact form that will appear. If you do not wish to reach a particular member of the firm, or don’t know which one, please send your inquiry to Mr. McGregor.

You may use this email contact form to request an appointment with us as a potential client considering retaining counsel, describe your legal matter and ask if we might be able to assist, give us your email address so that you can receive our blogs, or pose a question on anything at all. We will try to help.

Whatever you wish, let us know in the message window, your name, firm or other affiliation, address, email address, and phone number.

Or you can contact us directly by calling the office at (617) 338-6464 to leave a voice mail in our general mailbox. Please state the nature of your call and a phone number and time convenient to return your call. Our receptionist will forward your message to the appropriate person.

Or you can mail a letter to our office at

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