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Partner in the firm Nathanial Stevens will present, with other experts, a workshop on the science and analyses used to evaluate artificial turf field projects in and near wetland resource areas and buffer zones. 

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The Firm’s newest PowerPoint updating wetlands and water law for those who are involved with applications, plans, permits and enforcement by Conservation Commissions is available to readers of this site. Gregor McGregor presented it to the Massachusetts Society of Municipal Conservation Professionals in a luncheon webcast January 27, 2021.

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We successfully defended a Cape Cod coastal homeowner from challenges by his neighbor to his state and local wetlands permits for home expansion on his waterfront lot, in the Town of Falmouth, which has a particularly comprehensive local Home Rule wetlands bylaw and Conservation Commission regulations, on a lot surrounded by wetland Resource Areas.

We successfully defended these permits through an adjudicatory hearing at DEP under the Wetlands Protection Act and in Superior Court and the Appeals Court under the bylaw, which upheld the Town.


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We represented a Cape Cod homeowner whose wetlands permits had expired before he had completed the historic renovation of his cottage and landscaping of his property with pool and plantings.. The local conservation commission had refused to grant permit extensions and yet denied – twice – the new application it purportedly required for the owner to finish his project.

We obtained an order in Superior Court, upheld in the Appeals Court, overturning the Commission’s two denials, eventually mandating that the local board approve the work and issue the necessary permissions. The project was successfully completed without further obstructions.


Published in Featured Cases

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