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Outdoor Advertising, the First Amendment, and Free Speech: The Supreme Court Refines the Case of Reed v. Gilbert by its Decision in Austin v. Reagan

Written by / Published Monday, 12 September 2022 12:42
The City of Austin, Texas regulates signs that advertise things not located on the same premises as the sign, and signs directing readers to offsite locations, all known as “off-premises signs.” The City’s sign code prohibited construction of new off-premises signs, but gave existing signs vested rights and treated on-premises signs liberally.

Mcgregor Legere & Stevens Obtains $1.35 Million for Client for City’s Illegal Blockage of House Construction

Written by / Published Tuesday, 03 August 2021 13:38
In 2015 we won on behalf of client Scotty Thyng a million-dollar verdict in Norfolk Superior Court (Civil Action No. 2010-01449) against officials of the City of Quincy.

Firm's Civil Rights Victory and Jury Verdict Upheld, Now Over $1.5M

Written by / Published Monday, 06 April 2020 11:51
We had won a judgment of $433,000 in 2015 in our client’s long-running and ultimately successful case, Scotty Thyng v. City of Quincy et al, Norfolk Superior Court, Civil Action No. 2010-01449. That was after a two-week jury trial for violation of civil rights against five City of Quincy public officials for delaying and blocking our client’s attempts to build a house for more than 10 years. With interest and attorneys’ fees, that judgment came to more than $1.3 million.

Mcgregor Legere & Stevens Client Landowner Wins Million Dollar Land Use Civil Rights Abuse Case

Written by / Published Tuesday, 16 January 2018 14:16
We recently concluded a successful court case, captioned “Thyng v. Thomas P. Kelly, individually, et al,” in Norfolk Superior Court. We represented Scotty Thyng, a long-time local landowner in the City of Quincy.

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